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About Us
Nomadic Retrievers is based on the belief that your dog's needs, health and safety are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs and providing you with happy dogs that are capable of realizing their excellence.   As a expected result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the very best retrievers in the country.
Nomad;  a member of a group of people that have no fixed home and move from place to place in search of food, water and grazing land.
Nomadic Retriever's Locations:
Washington (Spring and Fall)
I am currently working at and developing a training property in Bow, Washington.  This property has grand potential with existing larger ponds and several small ponds and fields developed for training.  We also have nearby public and private areas we train at.  We also make several trips monthly and train at some of the legendary retriever properties like Pepper's and Carlson's.  
Alaska (Summer)
The Alaska summer trip offers seasonly mild temperatures, plentiful help, large natural and challenging training ponds as well as quite diverse and  complex terrain.  With nearly 24 hours of daylight it allows us to get the utmost out of a full day's training. We have enjoyed excellent success in the 5 summer Trials as well as making big progression with the hunting dog's up North every year.      
Louisiana (Winter)
The Winter trip allows us to take advantage of some of the nations earliest spring temps and water conditions.  We stay near and train in the Bonnet Carre Spillway in Norco, LA.  The Spillway is a huge public area right on the banks of the Mississippi River featuring hundreds of ponds and lakes on thousands of acres to train on.  There are numerous ponds on the Spillway that can facilitate long swims of 400 or more yards.  
With more than two months of water work here our dogs are delivering very solid 3rd and 4th series water work.  
Retriever; a dog with a heavy water resistant coat that can be trained to retrieve game
Excellence; the quality of excelling, possessing qualities in high degree
Gary Abbott, Canine Bio; I grew up with a immense passion for the outdoors and spent every possible moment I could fishing, trapping and hunting.  I still clearly remember my first duck hunt, opening day on the Columbia River in 1979, after which I became irretrieveably  addicted to  waterfowling. There were many years as a young adult that my days afield numbered in excess of several hundred per year including waterfowl seasons that netted more than 90 hunting days.  I hunted without any desire to own a retriever as my experience of watching untrained dogs is they were more trouble than they were worth, I was right.  My view of retriever's changed dramatically in the Fall of 1996 when a long time friend Casey Brooks graciously allowed me to take his trained black lab female, Deshka hunting for the season.  Deshka and I hunted a lot that year and we learned how to hunt pheasants together while she also retrieved a great many ducks and geese. The spring of 1997 found me cradling in my arms my first dog, Deska's niece, a then 7 week old black lab female, named Gansa. I thereafter found myself spending all my free time training Gansa.   By the end of her first waterfowl season Gansa was 8 months old and had retrieved more than 500 wild birds.  In the spring of 1998 we found hunt tests, where she attained her SH title at 15 months old and further went  3/3 in Master Tests by 17 months old, when the hunt test season ended for the year. The next fall, in 1998, Gansa became a veteran of another 700 wild birds retrieved.  In the spring of 1999 and my now retriever affliction found Gansa and I running Derby's in one of which we received our first JAM.  I then went to work for Brooke VandeBrake at Conway Kennels in April of 1999 where under Brooke's excellent tutelage I learned about training and trained many hunting dogs, hunt test dogs and started the young trial dogs.  I am grateful for the time I invested at Conway and for what I learned there. 
I began Nomadic Retrievers in April of 2009 with a vision of producing the very best dogs possible, dogs of excellence.  Today I am realizing that dream.   
In loving memory of,
Senorita Gansa Saboneta, CD MH 
and her Auntie, Deshka      

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