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Hunting Dog Training
The Basics;
Dogs getting the right start and being taught good habits from the beginning is a good foundation that all further training is based upon, without a strong foundation any additional training will be difficult and the results will suffer greatly.  Most dogs will acquire the following basic skills in about two months of training, most dogs will greatly benefit from a third month to further strengthen these skills. 
Obedience, sit (stay), here and heel
Force Hold/Fetch
Delivery to hand, a practical combination of obedience, here, heel, sit and hold 
Steady, a expansion of sit (stay) in the presence of birds and or gunfire
Collar Conditioning
Simple retrieves on both land and water
Quarter and locate game, find and flush live birds and retrieve crippled game, range control
Introduction to decoys, boats, guns, gunfire, and travel afield
Loading in and out of boats, tables and vehicles
Socialization skills with new dogs and people
Introduction to duck and goose calling
Recommended for those that want something more than the basics and for dogs that will be hunting more these intermediate skills will prove invaluable.  Most dogs will require an additional 2-4 months of training to become proficient in the following skills.     
Maintenance and mastery of basic skills
Easy to moderate multiple retrieves
Remote advanced steadiness and release
Basic casting, force to a pile, mini T, the double T, water force, water T, swimby, sight and memory blind retrieves and simple cold blinds.
More advanced hunting skills can be taught on specific needs or requests.  Generally any dog training beyond the intermediate skill set will be  running AKC Field Trials and Hunting Tests.  I have found running either directly replicates the kind of excitment levels comparable to hunting that cannot be otherwise duplicated in training.      
Moderate to difficult multiple retrieves 
Moderate to difficult blind retrieves
Long land and big water retrieves and swims
Attacking obstacles, changes of cover, water and difficult cover and terrain
Advanced trained concepts like poison birds, selection and performance under the fire of high excitement  
I have been very successful producing strong basic skills for pointers, setters and spaniels as well. Please call for details.
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