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A May December Romance

 As December that was just so recently here now becomes history, we can turn to and enjoy our last page of what I consider to be real winter.  The last month of real cold weather, hunting and near on 100 percent land work for the dogs.  Was it not just the other day I looked forward to more land work, cooler weather, shorter days, slower pace and some hunting?  It seems as if winter just got here and yet in short order I find myself looking forward to a early spring, spring and summer, May if you will.

What are dogs good for?

Every now and then I find myself reminded by what the real value of our dogs are.  This value became most evident to me after my first dog Gansa untimely passing at 5 years of age. 
Often as a trainer and in particular as a trainer of performance dogs it becomes very easy to become consumed by goals or benchmarks of success.  This is a vital and necessary and aspect of training to set and attain goals, it is a fruitful and healthy way to ensure success.  Much of my value or regard as a trainer are in fact directly based on achieving these goals.

Tis the season......

Well yet another waterfowl season is now upon us, its amazing that every year now seemingly goes by faster and faster. 
It struck me that come every fall I am always surprised at the number of people concerned that hunting their dogs may be detrimental to their dogs training, including all training levels be they a 6 month old, a MH level dog or FC.  Every year folks will make comment "you hunt your trial dogs??"  I have gently reminded several people in the last few weeks to "take your dogs hunting!

August RCA Fall Trial

We enjoyed yet another challenging and fruitful trial this year at RCA.  The Open was as enjoyable as it was challenging.  Piper(1) delivered a solid performance that netted him a 4th place at the end of the day.  RJ for Lucky and Jams for both Piper(2) and Trip.  The dogs all showed their strength as a group by finishing 4 out of our 5 entries (Chloe in season for the AWRC and RCA) and a remarkable half or 4 out of the 8 dogs total that placed or finished.

AWRC Turnagain Pass Trial

Great weather, good times and good company certainly was enjoyed at the AWRC trial. 
The Open featured a dynamic challenging first series with two big wide open retired marks that featured numerous down and uphills, terraces, side hills and cover changes.  Trip made a excellent showing here by both being the first dog to successfully complete the test as well as really stepping on his marks with style.  Piper(1) also had a great first making adding him to a short list of dogs to do well in the 1st.

Fairbanks Trial

We had a great time at the Fairbanks trial what a truly nice group of people they have there.  The weather was hot near 80 degrees but a cool breeze made for a very nice weekend including one good thunder storm Friday evening.  Trip had a very good Open including a strong showing in the 4th series that helped earn him 3rd place.  
The big news of the weekend was Forrest winning his second consecutive Qualifying.  Forrest had a very strong trial with but one small hunt on the long retired in the 1st series, he had 4 whistle land and water blinds.

Two Down the Shore

Two Down the Shore.  First of all what is a two down the shore mark?  I think while I have heard numerous interpretations to what exactly constitutes two down the shore, to me it is basically two or more key marks along a angled away shoreline in which the marks are thrown away from the line.  It can be often be simply a double or a triple, singles, double with a wipeout, or with a mark on another shoreline or even the mainland.  The key feature common to them all would be the training discipline that requires the dogs to swim past the gunner on the key marks to recover the bird.  This principle or idea of swimming past a gunner is the bread and butter basic building blocks of all advanced water work.  As simple as it may seem to us I believe it to be one of if not the most unnatural tasks we ever require a dog to do.  For a dog to master the idea of two down the shore requires many advanced taught skills that are in direct opposition to its natural instinct or common sense.  The incompatibly of a dogs trained skills directly versus its strong natural tendencies are realized on every down the shore mark is likely why there never is a permanent mastery of said skill.  It is also why like many pro's myself included believe you cant do too many two down the shore type marks.   Alaskan ponds lend themselves especially well to down the shore marks as there generally very little area to add a entry or exit so its with little surprise most of the training and trial marks will be two down the shore.

The RCA Trial

Well I am not sure as to what to say about Nomadic's RCA trial results as I was and am still reeling from the success we enjoyed at AWRC Trial a week before.   More great first time benchmarks of excellence were realized at the RCA trial none more important than Piper winning the Open and completing his Field Championship!   With Chloe's Open win from last week it marks the first time I have won two Opens back to back.  RCA is now also my highest points earned  trial to date with 25 major and minor points combined, 3 wins, 2 second placements, 2 third placements and a RJ.

Nomadic Retriever's first Field Champion!

I am more than proud to be able announce Nomadics first of many AKC Field Champion's;
FC Glen Lake's Lion Pride
Owned by Bob Hayden.
Congratulations to Bob and Piper alike!
Piper needed just one more point to complete his FC but indicative of his successful nature Piper over did things nicely by winning the RCA Open on June 3rd.  Piper ran a very strong trial that left little doubt to his placing.  His first series among one of the best nailing two marks and maybe a 15 second small hunt on the short retired.

AWRC Trial

What can I say except wow?  We had a great weekend at AWRC.  There were several new best ever's including what I believe to be my highest finish/place to entry ratio to date, finishing or placing 9 out of 12 entries.   Two wins, two thirds, two RJ's and three Jam's.  I barely got to demonstrate my excellent "no here" skills.  I finished  5 Open dogs for the first time.  Chloe had a great Open including the best water marks that merited her the blue ribbon and trophy.

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